What Could Be Waiting Inside This Corgi-Sized Box? Only The Perfect Puppy Surprise!

An adorable Corgi is called over by his humans. They want him to take a look inside a box, that’s wrapped up, just for him. Like many happy fur-children, he comes, with a smile, when called to see what the fuss is about.


He has no idea a mini version of himself is what’s actually inside!

OMG! I’m a big brother! Wow, you look a lot like me!


The expression on the little puppy, as he pops out, is totally adorable. Almost like he’s saying: “Nice to meet you!”


Dogs are pack animals and often do very well together. Adding a puppy to the mix can be challenging but totally worth it. But ALWAYS remember: Adopt! Don’t shop! So many deserving animals are waiting for homes in shelters and foster homes.

Do you think these siblings are going to be happy together? I do too! Amazing memories are yet to be made with tons of tail wags and smiles. Well, more like butt wiggles. Gotta love Corgis!

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