A Reddit Video Gains the Attention of the Internet Due to the Hilarious Copycat Behavior of This Dog

In every generation, language evolves, and people keep adding various terms to the dictionary. New words are coined and eventually become widely used and can be easily understood by the masses. One of the most interesting words ever invented is copycat. The term means one who engages in the act of imitation — copying someone’s work or actions. Cat was said to be an insulting word back in medieval times. Then in 1887, the first record of the word copycat was written by Constance Cary Harrison in her memoir. It was used in the sentence, “Our boys say you are a copy cat, if you write in anything that’s been already printed.”

Photo: Reddit/Damanjain

Since then, it has been used for fun or to insult someone or their work for hundreds of years. Someone mimicking you can be quite annoying; that’s why being called a copycat isn’t well-received by others. However, there are situations when it’s funny, which depends on the person or animal copying the action. Sometimes the copycat turns out to be a copy dog! Many people found the video on Reddit endearing rather than insulting — you’ll even be amazed by the dog’s abilities. Damanjain uploaded the clip on the platform with the caption, “So what should we call her: copycat or copy dog?”

At first, you’ll think that the dog coincidentally moved its foot after the guy shifted the position of his feet. He even noticed the dog’s behavior, so he tried to shift positions again to confirm the copycat energy it was giving. To make the scenario even more hilarious, the guy swiftly switched leg positions to see if the dog could follow. It turned into a competition — he also confronted the dog like it was really a big deal. The video was entertaining until the end, especially when the guy thought he won over the copy dog. Well, he thought wrong, because the playful canine still mimicked his movements until the last second of the clip.

The copy dog certainly entertained the internet — the post gained over 1k upvotes. Redditors adored the content and wrote funny reactions in the comment section. FiniteRhino said that the dog should be called absolutely adorable rather than a copy dog. No matter what term is used, you cannot deny how the dog is smart and effortlessly amusing. Share the Reddit post with your loved ones to spread happiness today. They might even have their very own copycat or copy dog at home, and this could be a sign to share their version as well!

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