A Baby Skunk Found Alone on a Highway Was Rescued by a Minnesota Cop

Over the years, there have been many cases of wild animals being roadkill victims. These animals are either victims of reckless driving or lack of reflex when an animal suddenly crosses in front of them. And sometimes there is simply nothing that could be done to avoid the animal.

There was a survey taken by over a thousand American drivers. The survey contains data to determine what animals they mostly encounter on the highway. Furry animals ranked high in the survey, leading with deer, followed by squirrels, cats, birds, and dogs. Some of the other mentioned animals are the rabbit, turtle, skunk, and coyote.

Photo: Youtube/The Sun

Organizations such as the Wildlife Collision Prevention Program created lists of reminders to ensure wildlife safety. Humans should also be careful of driving on a highway near forests to avoid accidents. Focus and awareness must be heightened while driving on such roads, especially at night.

Authorities are also on the lookout to maintain the safety of those animals. A Minnesota cop was recently featured on the news for saving a baby skunk in the road. If the skunk had not caught the cop’s attention, it might’ve become a roadkill victim. Deputy Nate Jacobson saved a furry friend from crossing a dangerous highway in Rochester, Minnesota.

Photo: Youtube/The Sun

The road is even more dangerous for the baby skunk than other animals, since drivers won’t easily spot it. Lucky for the baby skunk, Deputy Jacobson did not just rescue it; he also brought the skunk to an animal shelter. The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office released a video of the Deputy showing the baby animal on the palm of his hand. The cop gushed over the furry animal in the video and shared that he hadn’t been sprayed yet. If the skunk felt threatened, it would’ve sprayed on the cop’s face, but it felt comfortable around him.

Jacobson went to the Paws and Claws Humane Society animal shelter and made sure the skunk had a place to stay. He even fed the baby using a feeding bottle. With his care and the help of the shelter, the skunk was examined and reported to be healthy. The authorities transferred the baby skunk to the care of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. Here’s the video from The Sun newspaper — see the precious moment of an exemplary cop and a baby skunk from the highway.

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