Excited Deaf Dog Can’t Wait To Welcome Owner Home From The Military

When dogs are separated from their owners, they’re usually overjoyed to have a reunion. For some dogs, even a day or two can feel like an eternity to be away from their favorite person.

Some dogs have to be separated from their owners more than others, including dogs of military personnel, like Cooper.

Cooper, a deaf pit bull, was rescued back in 2009 by a service member’s wife. She got the rescue dog to surprise her husband when he returned home from Afghanistan.

Photo: Pixabay/Ulrike Mai

Since then, Cooper has been there to welcome Phil home every time he returns from work. Sometimes Cooper even seems more excited about the reunion than his owner!

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One of their reunions was captured on video and shared by Phil’s wife. In the video, you can see Cooper eagerly sitting at the door. Even though he’s deaf, his ears perk in excitement. It’s like he knows exactly who’s about to walk through the front door!

Photo: YouTube/Shanti Kriens
Photo: YouTube/Shanti Kriens

Cooper’s owner, Phil, had been away for a drill weekend, so the dog hadn’t seen him for two whole days! Naturally, he couldn’t wait for his owner to get home.

As he sat there, patiently waiting, Cooper’s mom reaches forward and unlocks the door. Then, she slowly opens it to reveal Phil, dressed in his work clothes.

Photo: YouTube/Shanti Kriens

The dog jumps around, tail wagging, as Phil reaches down and gives him a pat. It’s incredibly sweet.

Watch the reunion below:

Sadly, Cooper passed away in 2016. He’d been suffering in pain and his owners made the decision to euthanize him. They said, “We believe that Cotton was placed in our lives as much to save us as he was to save him.”

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