Here’s Why Construction Workers May Be The Best Kitty Caregivers In New York

Construction workers aren’t typically known for their nurturing qualities. In most cases, animals found on a construction site might be hastily shooed away.

But even in Brooklyn, where some of our country’s most venerable buildings are still kept critter free, there can be found a soft spot for furry feline friends.

A team of construction workers happened upon three kittens in an old basement. According to Love Meow, they collected the cats and kept them safe from dangerous equipment until the right help could be found.

Source: Flatbush Cats The construction crew cats.
Source: Flatbush Cats
The construction crew cats getting comfortable.

“They were looking out for the kittens and had kept the area secure,” said Will, of Flatbush Cats, a local rescue that advocates for trap, neuter and release methods.

The workers kept the kittens cordoned off until Will and his team could get them to safety. They were sure not to move them in the meantime, “So the mom would know they were safe. Otherwise she might move them somewhere else where we couldn’t get to them,” Will said.

Source: Flatbush Cats Thanks to Flatbush Cats, these kitties will soon have loving new homes.
Source: Flatbush Cats
Thanks to Flatbush Cats, these kitties will soon have loving new homes.

It took a few days of coordination between Will and the supervisor to work out a plan, but once the Flatbush squad could get to the kittens, the job was easy going.

“Based on how easy these guys are to handle, I’m guessing the employees snuck in a few kitten cuddles, too,” Will said.

The kittens have been well taken care of ever since, and will soon find loving new homes!

“The construction crew scrubs up real nice after their baths,” Flatbush Cats posted to Facebook on July 6. “They’ve had diarrhea and even a little vomiting, so we took them to the vet and did fecal tests to find out which type of intestinal infection or parasite they have. Thankfully energy levels and appetites are great, and you’d expect street rescues to have a few parasites so that’s normal.

“As soon as their leaky butts are better they’ll be bunking up with some first time foster volunteers!”

See how these kittens have already begun flourishing in the video below!

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