Shameless: 10 Epic Examples of Animals That Really Own the Cone

4. Dutch Master

The technical term for the cone is an Elizabethan collar, or E-collar, as the devices resemble the rococo adornments of the aristocracy during the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the 1500s. And far from just a silly sight, the E-collar provides a crucial service. According to Dr. Kathryn Primm of, certain healing procedures cannot effectively run their course without the collar.

“Pets really like to paw at their eyes and rub them along the floor or furniture. It is very difficult to treat many ocular issues without the humble E-collar,” she writes. “Wounds and surgical post ops are other cases that require use of an E-collar. We have inflatable collars and other devices to stop mutilation, but the original plastic E-collar is the most trustworthy and stalwart standby.”

It’s lasted the ages due to its simplicity and usefulness, but ask this little Dutch Master and you may get a different answer.

Wylie. Looking like a #DutchMaster . #coneofshame

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3. Pixar

When you see the Pixar animation, you know you’re in for a good movie. Considering this dog’s current condition, a little chill time and “A Bug’s Life,” or rather, “A Pug’s Life,” isn’t such a bad idea.

There are actually a growing number of entertainment options for animals. From relaxing music, to feature-length films, modern media companies are taking notice of our furry friends. All you need is a trusty WiFi connection and you can stream anything your savage Sully or riled up Remy wants to hear.


2. Death Star

The dark side makes some compelling arguments. There’s nothing ominous about this Death Star, though. It’s just an E-collar keeping this dog from sniffing around in Alderaan places.

If you aren’t feeling the force yet, just wait until this frisky fella gets hungry.


1. Moustache

There’s something to be said for class. Every dog may get his or her day, but leave it to a cat to really class up the joint. Mister whiskers over here has quite the moustache, although he may not be too happy about wearing it.

My cat working the cone of shame like a sir

As these pets have proven, there’s nothing shameful about being condemned to the cone, but have you ever wondered why your dog drools so much? It’s linked to their stress levels, but you can follow the “Next” button below to learn even more about this surprising discovery!

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