Shameless: 10 Epic Examples of Animals That Really Own the Cone

Sometimes, the only way to heal is with a little rest and restricted movement. That’s just what these pitiful pups have learned, although their owners are helping them make the most of the situation.

Sentenced to the cone of shame for their recovery, an animal’s wardrobe choices would be limited you might think, but it fits right into these creative “costumes.” Even once Halloween has passed, these dogs will still have the cutest cones around. Here are 10 of our favorites:

10. Dug

Dug has just met you, and he loves you. Straight from the film “Up,” this pup has a lot to say about his current situation. It’s no fun being in a cone, but all it takes is an errant squirrel to put an end to that boredom.

9. Ref

For some dogs, ball is life. There’s no way around that. For this Great Dane, a plastic cone may keep surgical stitches out of reach, but not the endzone. Even as “rufferee,” you can bet this dog is going to get some playing time in.

Halloween football #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanesunleashed #footballandrufferee #dogsandhalloween #coneofshame

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8. Flower Power

Nothing brightens up a sour day like flowers, and any day that starts out with stitches and an aching groin is no doubt sour. But at least this dog’s lemons have turned into lemonade, and a golden grin to wear proudly.

All it takes is a little colorful crafting and that dull gray cone is a bright yellow canine carnation.

7. Shaken not Stirred

This Boston Terrier is channeling her inner rat pack with a martini costume that’s as dry as a bone, and slightly dirty, from the looks of those olives. Who doesn’t love a good stiff cocktail, as long as it follows the doctor’s guidelines?

6. Final Frontier

For dogs that just aren’t that into costumes, a clear image and some photo editing skills are all that’s required to dress up that pup. This Dachshund proves that not even the sky’s the limit for an inventive owner.

5. Old lady

She’s no spring chicken, but this dog is as beautiful as they come! Decorating a dog’s collar is a great way to enhance their outfit without too much frustration, and the cone just adds to the fun. Make sure she stays away from the hard candies!

Who is this stylin’ old lady dog? #nycdogs #humanehalloween #coneofshame

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