Comfy Cones For Your Post-Op Pet

Many times pets are considered part of the family, so people strive to ensure their comfort at all times. A dog or cat having to undergo surgery can be stressful on its own. After it completes the ordeal, it may be required to wear a pet cone. These bulky medical braces are for the welfare of your pet, yet they can cause your animal to feel too limited. Take a look at these alternatives compiled by Dogster and consult with your veterinarian to make sure you choose an appropriate brace for your pet's specific type of recovery.

Blow-cup collars could be a good solution for your pet. Fit it on your dog or cat to be sure it can't reach its surgical incision, rash or whatever the brace is meant to limit. A plastic option is the ProCollar Premium Protective Collar.

If the firm plastic is too rough on your pet, try the Kong EZ Soft Collar. It won't scratch floors, yet only fits small pets like miniature dogs and cats. You can also throw it in with your laundry to easily wash it.

There is also a nylon covered foam model by All Four Paws Comfy Cone. Pets can rest their heads on the soft surface and it can fold back during mealtime.

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