Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Provides Sneak Peek Of Funniest Photos Submitted This Year

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is spreading some much-needed laughter and joy around the world with a preview of this year’s funniest entries.

The annual competition perfectly pairs laughter with conservation.

Wildlife photographers spend their days observing animals in their natural habitat (sounds pretty amazing) and witness some incredible moments. Thankfully, they share some of the perfect shots they capture with the rest of us to enjoy.

Photo: Arthur Trevino/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Photographers submit their hilarious animal shots to Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards for a chance at the grand prize – a safari trip in Kenya and worldwide recognition.

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Photo: Tom Svensson/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Aside from laughter, the goal of the competition is wildlife conservation.

Photo: Giovanni Querzani/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has decided to support a different charity every year who focuses on helping wildlife and the environment. This year they will help orangutans with 10% of net revenue going to Gunung Palung Orang-utan Conservation Program.

Photo: Philipp Stahr/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Paul and Tom, founders of the competition, shared some of their favorite submissions so far. “We’re delighted to reveal some of the best entries of the competition so far that have caught our eye and made us titter and gasp in wonder at the amazing wildlife and how you talented lot have captured them so expertly on camera…and all that in a pandemic! They’re brilliant!”

Photo: Rohin Bakshi/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

All sorts of hilarious animals have won over the years and the founders encourage everyone to enter the free competition. “We know you probably didn’t go to any exotic locations lately, but let’s be honest, one year our winner was a wild hamster from suburban Germany and another year the winner was a squirrel. So any wild animal can win you the grandest prize of them all!”

Photo: Lea Scaddan/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The competition is accepting entries until June 30th, so there is still time to enter.

Check out previous year winners and more hilarious shots by following Comedy Wildlife Photography Award on Instagram.

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