The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Finalists Are Here, And They’re Hilarious

Each year, the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards recognize the animal kingdom’s more hilarious contributions to humankind in the form of candid snaps. There are monkeys mugging for the camera, otters looking utterly amazed, birds hamming it up, and bears lost in a game of hide and seek.

We can’t think of a better reason for wildlife photography, except of course conservation, for which this contest helps promote.

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Lloyd Dunham
Now that’s a fin-slapper.

Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks created the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards in 2015 to remind animal lovers to think about the things they buy, the amount of water they use, and the way they treat the environment. We only have one planet, after all, and each of those choices can lead to long-reaching consequences.

“Our planet is in distress, we all know that, now we just need to know what to do,” Joynson-Hicks wrote. “Hopefully, we can provide a few small tips to get people started.”

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Geert Weggen
Get a good whiff.

This year’s contest entries have been narrowed down to 40 finalists, each funnier than the last. As NPR reports, the winner will be chose by a panel of judges on Nov. 13, taking home a trophy and a chance to join a weeklong safari in Kenya.

And you can help them decide, as the people’s choice award is up for public vote.

“Every year we do this competition, it gets more and more exciting seeing how people visualize the funny sides of wildlife in the wild,” Joynson-Hicks said.

Now, without further adieu, more of the photos you’ve been waiting for.

Did I leave my tail at home?

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Harry Walker

Hello there!

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Kevin Sawford

To be a prairie dog, or not to be a prairie dog?

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Martina Gebert

I self identify as an orang-wu-tang

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Pablo Daniel Fernandez

So I says to Mabel, I says…

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Peter Haygarth

This season’s new look

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Roie Galitz

Trust me, I’m a doctor

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Alistair Marsh

The brightest bird of the bunch

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Co Grift

On days like these, why even wake up?

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Eric Keller

This is the life

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Thomas Mangelsen

Hey, I’m squawkin’ here!

Source: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards/Thomas Mangelsen

Still want more? Check out the contest front-runners at the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

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