Woman Survived A Traumatic Brain Injury. Now Her Dog Helps Her Get Through Everyday Life

Colt the service dog works hard to help his human get through everyday life. She survived a traumatic brain injury, which causes seizures and fainting. Colt’s job is to help her out and alert her to seizures before they even happen, and can tell when she’s going to pass out.

If she faints, Colt licks her hands and face to wake her up, and applies deep pressure therapy. He also listens to her heartbeat to make sure she’s okay.

Aside from alerting her, he also gets her medication and brings it to her, opens doors and elevators, turns lights on and off, helps with chores around the house, and even cleans up after himself! If I didn’t know any better, I would think Colt was a human! It’s amazing how intelligent dogs can be.

When Colt isn’t working hard to help his mom, he’s running around and playing outside. He definitely deserves a break every now and then. He does such an amazing job! Watch how paw-some he is in the video below:

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