Coming Home To Cole And Marmalade Will Make Anyone Swoon

Some people get really upset when their vacation is ending. But no, not me! I am happy because I know exactly who I’m coming home to!

Much like Cole and Marmalade’s human, I am greeted at the door by happy animal faces and NOTHING makes me smile more. I miss my animal tribe so much when I’m away.

Source: YouTube/Cole and Marmalade
Source: YouTube/Cole and Marmalade

Any time I have the opportunity to bring my pets along when I travel, I do, but it is usually harder on everyone involved. Pets like to feel comfortable in their environment and being away in new places can be stressful. Keeping them at home is harder on us because we miss them so much… but usually, it’s the right thing to do. Finding a good petsitter can be really challenging, but once you do, it’s like winning the jackpot!

What tips do you have for when you have to leave your pets behind?

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