If A Cat Owns You Then You Must Learn These 5 Purrfect Cat Hacks

Cats are one of the greatest roommates around. Cute, friendly, relatively clean, they are wonderful to have around. Sure, they aren’t great about paying the rent, but otherwise, they are great! Of course, they can be a bit difficult when it comes to cleaning and toys. You might spend a bunch on a fancy new cat tree only to have them spurn your efforts. Those pricey mechanical toys you go them? Barely a reaction. And what about the money you spend on lint rollers?! Thankfully, there are a lot of great tricks out there that will make your cat feel like the most spoiled kid on the block, without needing to spend any money.

Cole and Marmalade are here to show you a few lovely tricks for dealing with excess pet hair, and a few toy ideas that cost you nothing, and your cats will think they are the luckiest felines alive! Check out these pawsome hacks. They’re purrfectly perfect!

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