How to Decode Your Cat’s Feelings

Do you have an emotional cat? Of course you do! But do you understand most of what they are feeling, when they feel it? Yeah, I have the same problem! Probably because some cats are so good at masking their emotions…

Or are they?

If you look deeper, I think you will find that cats can be sensitive. Certainly when it comes to being frisky, which means they’re excited or curious. And certainly when it comes to being loving or content, a.k.a. little furry purr machines. (My favorite emotion!)

How about when they’re deep in contemplation? Like obsessively staring at a bug on the wall. LOL! Or impatient? Non-stop meowing at 5 am!

When it comes to being expressive, our dogs aren’t the only ones who wear their hearts on their (invisible) sleeves. Our cats do too!

Tell us how your cat expresses himself. We love all things cat! Please comment below 🙂

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