5 Creative Crafts Fur Cat People

Our felines need to stay stimulated. It is good for their overall health and happiness to engage in all things cat. These 5 creative craft ideas by Cole and Marmalade’s human are genius! They cost very little and aren’t that complicated to make.

Cats are very into self-grooming. So anything that focuses around that is a great idea! So is anything that can let them get their scratch on. Their claws still need to be trimmed but when they have a scratching post or something similar, it aids in their overall paw health.

Also, cats love to solve puzzles. Or at least try to solve them. Puzzle boxes are a great idea. I find puzzle boxes are a great distraction for nocturnal hyperactivity. Cats can still play and remain engaged, without causing too much of a ruckus. Well, usually. LOL!

Going to the pet store is always an option too, if crafting isn’t your thing. Look for toys with catnip in them. Toys that roll, like little balls with bells inside, are usually a big hit with the feline audience too. What does your cat like to play with? I guess if all else fails, just give them a cardboard box. 😀

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