10 Ways To Survive Christmas With Your Cat

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Christmas should be the time of year for happiness, not injuries. But having a cat, or two, or three, can pose a challenge in a home with a Christmas tree. This Cole and Marmalade video has some pawtastic Christmas tree alternatives that’ll make the holiday more joyous for you and your pets.

The traditional Christmas tree, with ornaments and lights, is like a hazardous cat magnet. Every year, cats are injured mainly because they can’t really help being cats! Can you help being human? Exactly!


Dangling ornaments are just so tempting to those cute furry paws. Ornament hooks are tiny reminders NOT to use small wires around your cat. OUCH. Consider using yarn to hang them up instead. And stay away from glass! Those ornaments can break and injure your cat’s delicate pads. Find ornaments made out of plastic or use old fashion construction paper.


Lights are pretty but those wires are frightening! If you choose to use them, make sure no wires are exposed. Cats love to grab and chew. Also, consider leaving your tree unplugged if you can’t supervise cat-tivity.

No one wants to spend Christmas eve at the vet’s office! Consider trying out some alternatives this holiday season!

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