Black Cat Facts That Are Cat-Tastic!

Black cats are often associated with bad when in fact, black cats are totally awesome. They get a bad rap which in my opinion, is just plain stupid! Here’s a great video, from Cole and Marmalade, that will teach everyone some interesting things about black cats. Like how in some countries, black cats are GOOD luck… not bad! Which makes wayyyyy more sense!

While I was living in my first apartment, a litter of black cats was abandoned close by. People’s reactions were all over the map. One neighbor wanted to adopt one right away while others rambled on about superstitious nonsense. I just laughed. And gladly adopted one. He lived 11 glorious years and NEVER brought me anything but hairballs and a few dead bugs.

Black cats are black because of genetics not because they want to put a hex on you. Silly, but some people really don’t get it. Their gorgeous dark coat and beautiful golden eyes get me every time! I’m a black cat mega fan and proud of it. How do you feel about black cats?

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Cole & MarmaladeCole & Marmalade are amazing cats! Both rescues, now they spend their days basking in the warm light of fame on YouTube, where their videos amuse and inform people around the world. You can see more of their amazing and hilarious work on their YouTube channel, or visit them on Facebook!