What Do The Cats Do At Bedtime?

Cats, no matter how stand-offish they are, are going to find a way to disturb your sleep. Some people keep their cats locked out, while others save the carpet and doors from damage by letting their cats have the run of the place. That short time between climbing into bed and falling asleep is prime cuddle time for a lot of cats, including Cole. However, what happens when you’re asleep? Or if you aren’t there to give the nightly snuggles? What kind of ridiculous hijinks do they get up to? Well, Cole and Marmalades parents decided to find out exactly what their kids were up to, and it is pretty silly.

It’s clear Cole has a very specific nighttime ritual, and it simply unacceptable to change that. Yet, he made the most of it, and shows once again that cats will find their attention anytime, and anywhere!

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