Cole Turns Three–and It’s Time to Par-ty!

Attention cat lovers of the world: Cole, of the dynamic Youtube duo Cole and Marmalade, celebrated his third birthday on March 6. You know what we need to do, right?

First, watch the furry friends enjoy the gifts we sent to celebrate:

Second? Recreate Cole’s rocking party for your own cat with these cool gifts!

Starchaser Cat Toy


Provide hours of fun and exercise with a scratching alternative to the sofa–day or night with the Starchaser Cat Toy! A small track with a motion-activated LED ball gives your cat the thrill of the chase, while the center scratch pad and catnip lend extra feline incentive.

SuperCozy Black & White Paw Blanket


Ultra cozy and covered in pawsitive vibes, our SuperCozy Black & White Paw Blanket is the ideal choice when a good night’s rest is needed. An effortless way to show your love for your treasured four-legged friends.

Penguin Felt Catnip Toy


The Penguin Felt Catnip Toy is made with high quality, US-grown catnip and is guaranteed to encourage your cat to enjoy all nine lives to the fullest.

Turbo Track Cat Toy


Give your cat endless hours of play with a toy created from a simple concept–a track and a ball–that’s simply entertaining! What sets the Turbo Track Cat Toy  apart from others is its flexibility–literally. It can be reconfigured into a variety of pathways and shapes to keep your cat from getting bored.

Savvy Tabby Jungle Jabber Cat Toy


Our Savvy Tabby™ Jungle Jabber cat toy is creatively designed in fashionable animal prints. Plus, the feathered ball makes an enticing peeping sound. Purrrrfect!

Cats R Cool Organic Catnip Kickit Toy


Cats R Cool and deserve the coolest playthings: a plush Cats R Cool Organic Catnip Kickit Toy filled with nothing but the finest quality, organic catnip. Lovingly handmade in Vermont. Hours of loopy fun!

Kong Wobbler Cat Toy


When it comes to rugged pet toys, one name stands alone: Kong®. Our Kong Wobbling Cat Toy treat dispenser is no exception, dispensing tasty morsels from a small hole in the side as your feline bats it back and forth. Used as a mealtime feeder, it slows rapid eating and helps fight obesity by encouraging cats to work for their food. Hours of playtime, mental stimulation, and yummy rewards — a surefire feline favorite!

We’re curious to know: how do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Tell us in the comments below!

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