Couple Saves Terrified Horses From Slaughter And Nurses Them Back To Health

Allison Smith and her wife Olivia founded Colby’s Crew Rescue after falling in love with their rescue horse, Colby.

In August of 2020, Colby was rescued from slaughter. Before he was saved, he was abused, neglected, and was terrified of humans and of more danger headed his way.

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

Today, Colby is compassionate, trusting, and has a positive attitude. His transformation is inspiring, and he has formed an inseparable bond with Smith. Because of Colby, his owners were inspired to start a rescue, so that they could help other horses like him.

According to Colby’s Crew Rescue, every year in the United States, more than 80,000 horses are shipped out to Mexico or Canada to slaughter. The horses are brought in a trailer to direct-ship kill pens, which is where they sit while they await their unimaginable fate.

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

Colby’s Crew aims to rescue these horses from kill pens, as well as from auctions and bad situations. Usually these horses are in deplorable conditions, sick, neglected, and left for dead.

The rescue provides necessary veterinary care for the horses while rehabilitating and training them. Once they are nursed back to health and in a better mindset, the horses are put up for adoption to find loving forever homes.

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

The rescue currently has more than 17 horses. Three of them are permanent residents, five are up for adoption, and the rest are still being cared for and rehabilitated.

Click here to visit their website, and watch the video below to learn more about their amazing efforts to save these horses:

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