Meet The Poster Alpaca For Being Different And Fabulous!

Cody isn’t your ordinary Alpaca. She was born a month early and her mama didn’t even realize she had given birth and walked away. Cody was left all alone, so her human had no choice but to care for her herself. Due to her premature birth, Cody grew at a snail’s pace compared to other Alpacas. Too small to hang with the herd, Cody lived most of her time with her human, inside the house.

As Cody’s human got to know her and her unique personality, she saw something really special in her. Cody thrived even though she was different. Tiny but mighty is what I say! Cody’s differences and upbeat nature inspired a children’s book to be written. Between the book and Cody’s famous dress up sessions, people began to flock to her on social media. A famous Alpaca is in our midst 👏 YAY, Cody!

Being different means you’re special and Cody is a true inspiration to so many that don’t necessarily fit the mold.

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