Rescue Bird Lovingly Pets A Tiny Puppy For The First Time

Anyone who has owned birds before knows just how loving they can be. Just like dogs and pigs, birds can form strong bonds with humans and other animals. They sometimes display their affections in different ways.

For one cockatoo named Sweet Pea, she showed her affection for a new friend in the sweetest way possible. When meeting a tiny puppy for the first time, the Idaho-based bird instinctually used her talons to gently stroke the little pup.

Sweet Pea carefully pet the puppy, seemingly curious and caring towards the ball of fluff. Her owner Wendy Marie, captured the touching moment on camera and shared it on social media.

Photo: Instagram/the_parrot_lady

In the video, you can see Sweet Pea resting on her owner’s arm and cocking her head to look at the tiny black puppy resting its head against Marie’s chest. Sweet Pea then begins stroking the puppy’s head with her talons, carefully giving the pooch a loving scratch.

Watch the sweet moment in the video below:

Naturally, the video went viral on TikTok overnight where it amassed over 12 million views! It’s not hard to see why considering how sweet the clip is.

While Sweet Pea may seem like the most loving bird ever, she didn’t always know love like she knows today. According to a comment shared on Marie’s Instagram, the white cockatoo was passed between three different owners before Marie finally stepped in and rescued the bird in late 2020.

Sadly, the beautiful cockatoo was so stressed she started plucking her feathers out, so Marie sometimes has to dress Sweet Pea in aprons to prevent her from hurting herself.

Photo: Instagram/the_parrot_lady

It’s apparent though that she’s doing much better in Marie’s care. In fact, she seems to be thriving! Wendy Marie is no stranger to birds and advocates for adopting and rescuing birds, rather than buying them from breeders. Her knowledge and love for animals help her build strong bonds with her rescue birds – with Sweet Pea being the latest addition to the family.

Photo: Instagram/the_parrot_lady

You can keep up with Sweet Pea and her bird siblings, along with Marie’s other pets, on her Instagram page.

What do you think of Sweet Pea petting the little puppy? Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

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