Adorable Cockatoo Gets the Surprise and Fright of Her Life When She Sees Her New Toy

Emma the cockatoo has been a good girl all year! And so, her human parents decided to reward her admirable behavior with a new toy!

But, it seems Emma is not familiar with a “live” toy. It wriggles and crawls faster than a worm. And it’s definitely bigger than a worm. Why does it also keep on chasing after a ball? Couldn’t they share that ball, instead, for some real fun?

Photo: Tiktok/campingcockatoo

A lot of Tiktok commenters were delighted by Emma’s reaction.

One of them, ENoble463, wrote: “She say that toy is a little too busy for me..🤣”

Another comment from user179488160155: “The way she comes over at the toy like ‘let me see’ and then is like ‘hell no!’ 😂”

James Stevens also remarked, “That’s ok Emma, I got given a weasel ball once and hated it too.”

Meanwhile, Lily Wessels895 likewise said, “Emma has gone into fight or flight mode 🥰”

And yet, in spite of having 1.5 million views, Emma has not grown very fond of her new weasel toy. It can be quite embarrassing when people see you lose your composure over such a thing. Should she try being a mischievous cockatoo this year to get the kind of gift a bird like her dreams of? Such as a pineapple foraging toy or a rope ladder bird toy that doesn’t chase like a crazy weasel?

But really, despite being a Tiktok celebrity, Emma is humble at heart and easy to please. Family walks are among the activities she loves, so much better than being pursued by an indefatigable weasel plaything. Then, there are her outdoor adventures with her family and trips to the coast where Emma could enjoy the refreshing breeze and lovely seaside views.

Well, what else can she honestly ask for? She’s living the best life with her human family! Emma’s happy to be a good girl at all times!


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