Lamb Dies During Thunderstorm, But Leaves A Message Of Hope For Her Rescuer

Several years ago, an animal-lover named Caitlin Cimini decided to adopt a rescued mustang, which led the New Jersey resident to also start looking around for a farm. As fate would have it, the perfect space also came with a second horse in need of new shelter. Caitlin’s new farm, dubbed Rancho Relaxo, also came to host a menagerie of rescued animals, including cats, dogs, goats and even potbellied pigs. Two friends even sent her a trio of hens as a housewarming present.

So nobody was surprised when Caitlin came across a rescued lamb, Clover, which she decided to incorporate into the mix. Unfortunately, the poor lamb trailed a long list of existing health conditions, including a crooked jaw. Bow legs also made it difficult for her to walk, and she also suffered from poor eyesight.

Photo: Facebook/Rancho Relaxo
Photo: Facebook/Rancho Relaxo

Regardless, Caitin believed this neglected lamb had potential and, like the rest of her rescues, fully deserved a second chance. Before long the pair were driving 90 minutes each way to a vet who could stretch and re-splint Clovers legs, once a week. For a while, the rescued lamb seemed to be doing just fine, Caitlin recalled, recalling how all of the humans on her team were impressed by their little sheep’s progress.

Unfortunately, one night Rancho Relaxo was engulfed in a thunderstorm with cracks of lighting. Thunderstorms are very frightening for most animals, but Clover’s outstanding health issues probably already left her heart quite weak. Caitlin found Clover the next morning, where she appeared to have worked herself into such a fright that she succumbed to a heart attack. Naturally, Caitlin and the rest of Rancho Relaxo’s team very upset, not only because Clover had appeared to be thriving but because she was such a sweet addition to the family. Regardless, about three weeks later, Caitlin happened to notice that clovers were growing in the exact spot where her namesake lamb had spent her final hours.

Photo: Flickr/Charlie f
Photo: Flickr/Charlie f

It was difficult not to believe that her sweet lamb had left her a sign. “I feel like Clover’s energy left that for me, and was like, ‘OK. Go on another rescue mission and shut up,” she said. Losing a furry family member is never easy, but Clover’s timeless love has provided Caitlin the inspiration she needs to continue helping rescued animals.

Watch the video below to see how Clover managed to get around!

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