Cletus May Be Little, But He’s Chock-Full Of The Strong Stuff!

This Dog’s Strength And Perseverance Will Inspire You For Days!

Cletus came to Best Friends Society from the mean streets. His medical issues were abundantly clear. He has several fused joints, issues with his muscles and mouth, and he was underweight. But his spirit was always strong, no matter what.


Dogs like Cletus remind us that we don’t have to have it easy to be happy; we just need to focus on the good, like being rescued and being loved, a warm sweater and a fun toy to play with.


Special needs animals are always the hardest to place. It takes a certain individual to understand them. Hmmm. A person with the strong stuff like Cletus has? Definitely! But it is all worth it… THEY are all worth it. Consider opening up your heart and home to a special needs pet. What they do for you and your spirit will outweigh all you do for them. Trust me! If you are willing to adopt a special needs pet, please contact your local organizations and shelters immediately! Too often and in many circumstances, special needs animals are put down because they are so hard to place.

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