Read the Heartbreaking Story of the Rescue Dog Who Was Her Human’s Whole World


It was in November of 2006 and my family had just relocated to Idaho from California. I wasn’t really taking the move all that well and I felt lonely and out of place. One evening my dad was reading the paper, and there was an ad from the local animal shelter, and there were two little fuzz balls in the picture. The ad said they were Australian shepherds and they were only six weeks old.

The next morning I went down to look at them. The male of the two was so hyper and running around, but my Cindra was scared and quiet and she ran to me, and sat with me. I knew then I would take her home. I paid for her, and they gave her a bath and put a yellow bandanna around her neck, which was so big it covered her whole body.

That was almost nine years ago. And during those nine years we were inseparable, she went everywhere I went (as long as it wasn’t work), I bottle fed her some, but she took to puppy food quickly, and she became my little baby dog. She moved into my first house with me, she was there at my wedding (someone left the gate open, and she came running into the church as the ceremony was going on). She was my world.

Sadly, yesterday I had to say goodbye to my baby dog. She had a massive tumor in her abdomen and I had to make the hardest decision of my life. As we waited for the vet to get everything ready, I looked into her eyes and told her she was a good dog, and that I loved her very very much. I told her that we would see each other again, we just had to be apart for a little while. As she let go, I felt her leave, and my heart broke into a million pieces. I wouldn’t change any of our nine years together. She will always be my little baby dog.

Burley, ID
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