Cat Left With Serious Burns After Someone Set Off Fireworks In Her Mouth

Cinderella has been through so much, it makes me so sad and angry! Nobody, human nor animal, should ever have to endure such cruelty! Some moron put fireworks in her mouth and by some miracle, she survived. However, her injuries are extensive inside of her mouth. HOW CRUEL! Can you believe anyone could do such a thing?

If you see any form of animal abuse, make sure to call your local rescue group + the authorities IMMEDIATELY. Animal cruelty is a serious offense and often increases during a holiday due to obstructed decision making owing to alcohol consumption. So, please, if you ever witness an act of animal cruelty, call the authorities immediately! Animals cannot care for themselves and they need humans to stand up for them.

Find out more about Cinderella’s story in the video below!

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