Chunk The Groundhog Shares A Tomato With A Friend

We tend to look at wildlife in one of two different ways, either as a joy or as a nuisance. That is especially true of certain types of wildlife, including groundhogs. Although many farmers may consider “whistle pigs” to be problematic, one groundhog named Chunk is a joy to watch.

It happened when vegetables kept disappearing from a garden. A camera was set up so they could find out what type of animal was causing the problem. That is when they caught Chunk red-handed, but they took things a step further.

After uploading a video of Chunk the Groundhog to YouTube, they said how brazen he was. Not only would he sit in front of the camera and eat the vegetables, but he would also stare into the camera while doing it.

Photo: YouTube /Chunk The Groundhog

It wasn’t long before Chunk had a large following and the footage was going viral. Rather than looking at the groundhog as being a nuisance, they decided that he would have the privilege of eating more vegetables.

Photo: YouTube /Chunk The Groundhog

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The owners of the YouTube channel said: “We all coexist. This is his land too. I just put a garden on it! So munch away…”

Photo: YouTube /Chunk The Groundhog

Since these videos went viral, almost 100,000 people have subscribed to the channel to see what’s next. With all of the frustrating things we may still be reeling from in 2020, it’s nice that we have Chunk to look forward to in 2021.

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