French Bulldog Dressed Up As ‘Chucky’ Goes Viral

Romeo the dog is taking the internet by storm and for good reason. Now that a new generation is becoming acquainted with the exploits of Chucky the evil doll, there is no shortage of people paying homage to the classic horror franchise. This summer’s reboot allowed a whole new set of fans to find out more about the legend of Chucky. He’s even got some four-legged fans as well.

A viral video of a French Bulldog dressed as Chucky is racking up millions of views.

Vanessa Cheng of Hong Kong was so excited about Halloween this year that she decided to start the festivities early.

Photo: Youtube / Inside Edition

“I’m not a huge horror movie fan — but I just thought Romeo’s eyes matched the outfit,” Cheng said.

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Dressed in a wig and wielding a foam butcher’s knife, the 11-month-old dog charges at Cheng’s camera.

Photo: Youtube / Inside Edition

Like most viral videos, it has since been ripped onto Twitter and has is now getting even more fans.

But some people think dressing a dog up in a Halloween costume is borderline abuse.

What do you think? Check out the clip below.

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