8 Christmas Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Pets!

7. Turkey Or Ham Skin

A turkey or ham is a staple at almost every holiday feast. But did you know that foods high in fat, like the turkey and ham skin, can actually be very harmful for your pooch? The skin holds onto all of the butter, spices, marinades, and oils that were used to cook the meat and is very hard for your dog to digest. Sometimes, ingesting high fat foods can lead to pancreatitis. Meat soaked strings leftover from a holiday ham or roast should be thrown away and taken out to the garbage immediately, as they are extremely tempting for a pet to ingest. These can get tangled inside the intestines and require surgery. It’s best to resist the urge to let your dog eat the ham and turkey scraps that get left behind after serving, even though they may have a dynamite begging face.

This next food is a popular pre-dinner snack that can be very dangerous for your dog….

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