The 12 Cats Of Christmas Are Out To Trim Your Tree

Every year, millions around the world festoon their Christmas trees with lights, tinsel, and otherwise gaudy baubles to celebrate the holiday. It’s a tradition that’s lasted the ages, but not without its detractors.

For every star that’s hoisted to the top of a tree, and every ornament hung with care, a cabal of cats is lurking not too far away, plotting their takeover of the illuminated pines.

Let this festive song serve as a warning to you and yours. Whether you believe in Santa, whether you believe in Krampus, whether your tree is hand sawn or synthetic, there’s little that can protect your darling decorations from the yearly visitation of Christmas cats.

If you’ve gone down to the basement for more lights, it may be already too late.

Ring those bells

Pull down those lights

Get your gifts ready

And wrap them tight

Get in the spirit

Try to look enthused

These kittens are snuggled in

This one isn’t amused

The ornaments are hung high

Nary a mouse in sight

Enjoy your tree now

The cats are coming tonight

If you’ve experienced the frustration of Christmas cats, perhaps you’ll make vacation plans next year. For those still hanging in there with their feline friends, follow the button below and learn more about what your cat really thinks about you.

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