Man Goes Viral For Being Neighborhood “Cat Whisperer”

Anyone whose familiar with cats knows how picky they can be. It seems that we don’t choose our cats, but they choose us instead, and they might love us or hate us. Unlike dogs, it doesn’t matter if we give a cat a place to live, food, or attention. The cat’s only loyalty is to the people it deems worthy.

While that generally seems true, there are always those few people who seem to connect with cats on a deeper level. The cats choose them, and it’s not a coincidence. That was the case for a man named Chris Watson, AKA, “The Cat Whisperer.”

During the pandemic, many of us had more time on our hands and that was true for Chris as well. The Tacoma, Washington resident started taking more walks around his neighborhood and he started filming his walks – and his encounters with the neighborhood’s cats.

Photo: flickr/Jonathan Lidbeck

On his walks, Chris would interact with all of the cats he ran into. Surprisingly, 9 out of 10 seemed to instantly hit it off with Chris and seemed drawn to him.

Chris nicknamed each cat and spent time getting to know them. He connected with feral-looking outdoor cats and well-kept house cats, each seemingly enjoying his company and pets. He even met a few of the cats’ owners!

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The Cat Whisperer recorded his sweet interactions with the cats and uploaded them to TikTok. If there’s one thing we know about the Internet, it’s that it loves cats! It’s no surprise his videos quickly gained traction and even went viral.

In an interview with King5 News, Chris said, “Before we knew it one of the videos got 100,000 views, which was kind of shocking. I thought it might kind of go viral but I didn’t think it would be that big.”

Since sharing his cat content on TikTok, he’s gained over 740,000 followers!

After watching his videos, it’s easy to see why people are interested in his content. He speaks calmly to the felines, never startling them or scaring them away. He allows the cats to come to him and lets them be the boss of the interaction.


My birthday catwalk! #catwalk #catluminati #friendlycat

♬ original sound – Catluminati

The cats wrap around his legs and some even roll onto their bellies for a quick rub. In the interview, Chris explained that he looked up what it means when a cat exposes its belly to you and found that “a cat feels comfortable in your presence so they kind of expose their underbelly.”

They say animals are a good judge of character, and it seems they’re not wrong about Chris. He comes across as such a kindhearted soul in his videos!

Apparently, he was even good with cats as a small child. He shared a photo of himself as a child petting a cat on Instagram, saying, “I guess I was always destined for this.”

Check out some of his content below:


So many NEW floofs today! #catwalk #friendlycat #catluminati

♬ original sound – Catluminati

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