Do You Have The Heart To Tell Him He’s Not A Dog?

Siblings are the best! Even when they don’t have a lot in common. Like being the same specie!

Meet Chowder, a rescue pig who has 5 rescue doggy brothers! They do everything together! Sleep together, eat together, and play together. This clan is taking on the world together!

Everyone in this crew is a rescue and their human is a big advocate for the adoption movement, which makes us love her too! Their Instagram page is LOADED with cuteness, and with 23k followers, it seems I’m not the only one who can’t get enough of them!

#AdoptDontShop applies to many different animals. Not just dogs and cats! Chowder can attest that life as a pig is pretty sweet, especially because he doesn’t have to go at it alone! His pack is full of fun and full of love!

Check out this crew!

Can you look at this and not smile ear to ear? I know I can’t!

Does it get any cuter than this? NO WAY! Chowder has his very own fan club!

A photo posted by Shelby M. (@piggypoo_and_crew) on

Seeing this crew live in action makes my heart soar!

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