Foster Mom’s Brutally Honest Adoption Post Finds ‘Gross And Quirky’ Dog The Perfect Home

Every dog deserves to find that perfect forever family who will appreciate them for who they are. However, it’s not always easy.

Some dogs are challenging, high-maintenance, or boast a number of undesirable traits. While many of those dogs who don’t have homes end up being euthanized, there are some shelters and foster parents who are dedicated to finding each dog in their care a loving home.

That was true for Chowder’s foster mom. She described the English Bulldog as being “gross and quirky,” and she wanted to highlight that while searching for his forever family. After all, misleading someone about an adoptable dog wouldn’t end well.

Photo: Max Pixel

The dog’s foster mom crafted a brutally honest adoption post, hoping to find that special someone who would see through all of Chowder’s character traits – and it worked!

She wrote the following in the post:

“Chowder Requirements:

1. Sturdy, non-breakable children.
Chowder’s strength is Hulk-like, like fall down on the ground and get dragged a block while the concrete is scraping your knees, kind of Hulk strength.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

2. Dogs: No.
When he sees other dogs, he screams like a banshee. You’ll have to hang your head in shame as people stare at your lunatic dog and give you the stink eye. But don’t hang your head too low! You still got to keep your center of gravity to hold that leash. You’re not walking a regular old dog, you’re walking a hyena with gorilla strength.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

3. Home: Single family, fenced yard.

4. Location: Illinois

No out-of-state applicants. I need my gross foster to be living in driving distance of me.

Almost forgot! He snores. It’s not quiet. ”

A woman named Stacey stumbled upon Chowder’s lovely adoption post and instantly fell in love. According to The Dodo, Stacey had a dog a lot like Chowder in the past so she knew it’d be a good fit – gross, quirky, and all.

Chowder has his own Instagram account, @chowder_the_bully, and they shared that the meet-and-greet with Stacey went perfectly.

Chowder was officially adopted and seems to be living his best, slobbery, gross life at his new home. He even has his own pool!

It’s nice to see he found the home and family he deserves. Watch the video below:

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