This Young Girl Would Have Silently Choked To Death If Not For A Visiting Dog

Chloe Showell owes her life to a dog named Louis, a dog who her relieved mother and many others are now hailing as a hero.

Chloe was in her bedroom around 11 p.m. when she spit up and began choking on the fluids. Thankfully, Louis, a 4-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was in the room with her. As the baby’s movements began to slow and her skin turned blue, Louis seemed to know just what to do.

He barked and ran around the apartment until Chloe’s mother, Shannon Weeks, 23, could see what the fuss was about.

Initially, Weeks thought the dog was barking at someone walking by outside.

Source: YouTube/NZ NEWS Louis and 1-year-old Chloe Showell.
Source: YouTube/NZ NEWS
Louis and 1-year-old Chloe Showell.

But he just kept barking and barking,” she told the Express. “He was running in and out of the rooms and going back to Chloe. I said to my nan, ‘There is something wrong’. I went out and saw him outside Chloe’s room. She had vomited and choked on her own sick. It was a huge shock.”

Running into her child’s bedroom, Weeks found Chloe lifeless and unresponsive. It was one of the worst scenes any parent could imagine.

Source: YouTube/NZ NEWS Louis belongs to Chloe's grandmother, Maureen Tarrant.
Source: YouTube/NZ NEWS
Louis belongs to Chloe’s grandmother, Maureen Tarrant.

“All I could do was scream,” Weeks said. “She was really pale and her lips were light blue. It was the worst night of my life. Louie is my hero. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have my beautiful daughter.”

Louis isn’t Weeks’ dog. He doesn’t even live at her apartment. He belongs to her mother, Maureen Tarrant, who visits from time to time. It seems this week’s visit couldn’t have been better planned.

Source: YouTube/NZ NEWS Louis' barking helped save Chloe.
Source: YouTube/NZ NEWS
Louis’ barking helped save Chloe.

After clearing the 1-year-old’s breathing passage, Chloe’s father, Tom Weeks, took her to a local hospital. Doctors there diagnosed the baby with bronchitis and a stomach virus, both which she has since bound back from. Thanks to Louis, she’ll have plenty of years of bouncing around ahead of her.

“The doctors said if it hadn’t been for Louis and if I hadn’t got there when I did, Chloe may not have survived,” Weeks said. “He really did save her. Chloe was terrified of him but now they’re inseparable.”

Learn more in the video below.

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