Beagle Learns To Love Again After Losing Her BFF

It’s not uncommon to hear of animals making friends with an animal of a different species. Sometimes it might be a dog and a deer, a dog and a horse, or more commonly, a dog and a cat.

Sometimes, the bond two animals share just goes beyond species and that other animal becomes like family.

That was the case for an adorable little beagle named Chloe, and her BFF – a rabbit named Rue.

Chloe and Rue did everything together. They went on adventures, they snuggled, they enjoyed life. As their owner said to The Dodo, “They were really best friends.”

Unfortunately, Rue passed away unexpectedly after a few years. While rabbits can live to be 10+ years old, it’s not uncommon for them to pass suddenly because they’re incredibly good at masking health issues and they’re also incredibly fragile.

Photo: Pixabay/Nick Winchetser

After Rue’s passing, Chloe wasn’t the same. It quickly became clear that she missed her best friend, and she seemed to fall into a depression.

Her family knew they needed to do something to cheer her up, so they brought home a tiny kitten, Chlea.

Chloe and Chlea hit things off and are now the best of friends. Of course, no one can replace Rue, but Chlea helped Chloe see that she could love, and play, and be herself again.

The family shares photos of the adorable duo on Instagram, check out some of them below:

How sweet are they?

To learn more about how Chloe and Chlea and their friendship, watch the video below:

You can follow Chlea and Chloe on Instagram, @thebeagleandthebun.

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