Owners Record Their Mischievous Cat Getting Into Trouble

Cats are adorable. They can be sweet and caring, but they can also be quite crafty and manipulative. It seems to be part of their charm.

They really know how to test our patience as they push the limits. Every cat owner knows just how much felines like to test our boundaries. There is no telling them no – no matter how much we try.

The owners of one particular black cat know all too well just how much cats like to do their own thing rather than listen to reason.


Like most cat owners with misbehaving felines, Chippy’s parents have a catchphrase they’ve come up with over dozens of repeats.

Whenever Chippy does something naughty, they end up saying, “Ooh, Chippy, no!”

Photo: imgur/verganas

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Photo: imgur/verganas
Photo: imgur/verganas

Now that it’s become routine, his owners decided to put together a little compilation of the phrase being uttered at all the different antics that Chippy gets up to. It is quite hilarious!

Check out the video below:

Chip in his usual shenanigans!

What do you think of Chippy? Do you have something that you always say to your cat when they’re misbehaving? Let us know!

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