Restaurant Decides Ethics Are More Important Than Carnitas, Serves Chicken Instead!

Chipotle is putting their business on the line to do the right thing by the animals in their food production chain. This hip restaurant chain’s motto is “Naturally raised animals are raised in a humane way, never given hormones, and are allowed to display their natural tendencies.”

They’ve been applying their motto to pork sources since 2001; no growth hormones or antibiotics, and pigs must be outside or in large, comfortable pens, not in cramped and confined cages. Recently, Chipotle discovered that one of their suppliers was not keeping its promise to hold to those values. Instead of taking the easy way out and accepting pork from the supplier anyway, Chipotle decided to risk a tremendous loss and cut pork from one-third of its restaurants. Pork won’t be served there until they can find a supplier that will play by the rules.

Update: In addition to keeping their cuisine cruelty-free, on Monday, January 26, Chipotle is offering a free meal voucher if you give their tofu-based “Sofrita” a try!

Folks, humanely raised chicken and beef is still available at these locations. If you want to support a business that’s trying to make the world a better place for farm animals, now’s the best possible time.

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