Chinese Man Chases After The Thief Who Stole His Three Dogs

One of the worst feelings is waking up to find that your dog is missing.

China is known for their lack of animal protection laws. 20 million dogs are killed annually for the dog meat industry. Thousands of pets are stolen from homes to be killed or resold each year. However, one man was not going to allow his dogs to be harmed.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Daily Mail
Screen Shot: YouTube/Daily Mail

An unnamed man in southern China realized that his three dogs were missing at 5am one morning. He quickly checked his home security camera footage. The footage showed a man dragging his dogs into a van. The man immediately called the Luhe Police and then took off in pursuit of the thief’s van.

The man was able to catch up to the van and proceeded to collide into it with his car. The collision caused the van to flip over and come to a stop. The owner jumped out of his car with what appeared to be a machete in hand. He ran over to the thief and starting swinging the machete. The owner was obviously and understandably angry and willing to do whatever was necessary to save his dogs.


The thief emerged with a bat and a battle began. Onlookers called the police as well, that arrived to help detain the thief. Luckily, all three dogs were rescued and unharmed. The owner was so happy to be reunited with his dogs.

The police detained the suspect, 44-year-old Xie. According to DailyMail, “Police also confiscated the tools believed to be used by the suspect to steal dogs, including lassos, a rod, a hammer and a butterfly catcher. They also found four fake number plates in the suspect’s van.”

Screen Shot: YouTube/Daily Mail
Screen Shot: YouTube/Daily Mail

Xie admitted to stealing the dogs but did not say what his intent was. More than likely the dogs would have been killed for meat or resold as pets. Thankfully, the dogs are safe at home.

Watch the intense chase below.

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