These Chimps At A Sanctuary Will Smash A Heart With Your Ex’s Name On It For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day always brings out a mix of emotions, from the excitement of a new relationship to the regretful ache of lost love. And as February 14th creeps closer on the calendar, Save The Chimps, Inc. has the perfect event for animal fans that aren’t feeling the love. The non-profit sanctuary, which is home to nearly 240 “retired” chimpanzees, is celebrating “Chimpentine’s Day,” and it looks like it’s going to be a smash!


For those nursing a broken heart and willing to donate $75, the chimps will tear into a piñata with the donor’s name of choice on it — perfect for that ex you can’t forget. Of course, Save The Chimps will provide thorough evidence of the piñata’s destruction as well. And the satisfaction will be more than petty: not only do the chimps love to smash and rip into piñatas, but the donation “goes directly to ensuring the chimps have enough engagement activities, healthy food, and toys to play with,” according to the sanctuary’s Facebook page.

It’s February 1st and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we wanted to celebrate #Chimpentine with you! This year, we’re ordering 100 piñatas for the chimps to play with. The best part about it: we will put your sweetheart’s name – or even your ex’s – on one piñata for just $75! The money goes directly to ensuring the chimps have enough engagement activities, healthy food, and toys to play with. Plus, you’ll receive photos of the chimps playing with piñatas! Click the link below to get your piñata today – only 100 available!

Posted by Save the Chimps, Inc. on Monday, February 1, 2021

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Even those that find themselves partnered up on Valentine’s Day can get in on the fun. In addition to smashing piñatas, the chimps can be gifted a symbolic rose for $25, along with a customized e-card. Lastly, those that donate $150 are able to attend a “virtual Q&A” hosted by Dr. Andrew Halloran, director of chimpanzee care at Save The Chimps. The private live stream covers “chimpanzees and how they show love, their relationships and more.”


The chimps will love the chance to be heartbreakers, and the donors will get a kick as well. Keep up with the work, play, and conservation efforts of Save The Chimps over at their Facebook page, or learn more about Chimpentine’s Day at their official site!

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