Former Lab Chimps Get Christmas Presents And Feel Love For The First Time In Their Lives

Sadly, these chimpanzees spent most of their lives in labs before they were rescued. But now they reside at Chimp Haven, and receive all the love in the world!

But love isn’t the only thing they’re receiving. They also got Christmas presents for the first time! They handed the chimps the presents and they picked them up with curiosity. They used their hands and mouths to unwrap the paper and some chimps even wound up in the boxes.

They went from a very rough life, getting neglected, abused, and used for testing, to now being spoiled and happy as can be! They’re finally living the life they deserve, and it makes me happy to see them so content.

Caring for more than 200 chimps on a daily basis is not an easy task. If you’d like to help out these chimps at Chimp Haven, consider donating here.

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