Cat Rescued From A Tree After Being Stuck For 10 Days!

Just imagine how scary this would be! Being small and alone, and stuck up in a tree that is this tall! I just can’t!

Valentina, a cat from Chile, climbed up a 65 foot palm tree but then… couldn’t get down.

I’m not afraid of reasonable heights but 65 feet! That is crazy high! Valentina did what she had to do to survive but part of me wishes it never had to happen in the first place.

Our domesticated animals do get outside, and loose, unfortunately. But I beg of you, do your best to be sure that they don’t. No plan is perfect. No fence is impenetrable. But we must do our best, as pet-parents, to ensure their safety. They count on us to watch over them as they do their very best to watch over us.

Valentina is one brave cat and I’m grateful to those who worked tirelessly to bring her safely down from that REALLY tall tree. MY GOSH!

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