Man Stares at Door Anxiously Waiting. When It Opens, He Immediately Bursts Into Tears.

Our furbabies are our family members. Without them, it just wouldn’t be the same. They always sense when something is wrong, and they’re the best at making us feel better. They’re our furry best friends! This man, named John, lost his little Chihuahua, named Stinky, and he was nowhere to be found. He searched for him every day for weeks, but to no avail. Months went by, and John had assumed that he’d never see his furry best friend ever again. Then more heartache was added to his life when he lost his wife to cancer.

John was feeling alone and hopeless. Then one day, Stinky was spotted online and was at Michigan Animal Rescue League. John immediately went there to reunite with his furbaby who he hadn’t seen in eight months. Stinky covers him in kisses while John cries tears of joy. Watch their touching reunion in the video below. So heartwarming!

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