Chihuahua Tries To Make A Baby Happy In The Most Adorable Way

It’s always heartwarming to see a dog and baby get along nicely. Some research even shows that having a pet in the family helps the child to become an animal lover for the rest of their life.

The baby in the following video seems to be on its way to having a wonderful relationship with the dog in the family. After all, the dog does something unthinkable to help soothe the baby when they are having a difficult time.

Photo: YouTube/Edison Brian

According to the original poster, the chihuahua in the video is a rescue dog. When they first found him, he was on his last legs. He was skin and bones, but it looks like he has gained a lot of weight.

When we bring a baby into the home, we sometimes worry if there will be problems with jealousy. Some dogs have a little jealous streak, but the chihuahua in this family was more than happy to have the new family member on board.

Photo: YouTube/Edison Brian

In fact, the chihuahua even tries his best to take care of the baby. That can be seen in the video below, and it is seen in the most adorable way.

The baby is crying and is inconsolable, but the dog brings a treat over and drops it near the baby. It’s almost as if the dog was telling the baby that everything would be okay.

Photo: YouTube/Edison Brian

In the video, the mother tells the dog thank you but then says that the baby can’t eat the cookie. She says that the dog can go ahead and eat it.

That doesn’t stop the dog from trying to console the baby. He picks up the cookie and tries again.

There were some comments to the video about how it would be unhygienic to have a baby and dog share food. The mother wants everyone to know that they don’t share food. It was just a kind gesture on the part of the Chihuahua.

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