Teeny Tiny Chihuahua Battles American Bulldog And It’s EPIC(ally Adorable!)

Get ready to “AWWWWW!” for this dynamite duo! This, folks, is cuteness on a whole new level!

This video isn’t for the faint at heart, people. When I tell you this has so much cuteness in it, you may have to watch it in small doses, I’m NOT kidding! First, you have the sweetest, most gentle American Bulldog that handles this tiny Chi with such class, such sweetness. GAH! The gumming alone can give you a heart attack!!!

Then you add the Chi’s collar to the mix. OMG! That tiny belly dinging as she flaunts around like Tinker Bell, jumping and playing and being all tough like! I’M HAVING HEART PALPITATIONS! This epic(ally) cute doggie battle is my new favorite sport to watch. In fact, I can bet it’ll be yours as well!

Now don’t be selfish, people. This is wayyyyyyy tooooo cute to keep to yourself. Watch it, share it, comment on it. It’s one for the books, that’s “fur sure.”

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