Owner Buys His Chickens High-Visibility Jackets Cause They Refuse To Stay In The Yard

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, depending on who you ask there can be a number of different answers as to why the chicken crossed the road. But depending on what time of day this crossing happens, the chicken won’t safely make it to the other side unless they’re wearing their high visibility jacket.

And one responsible chicken owner has outfitted his chickens with fluorescent-pink and yellow jackets so they can safely roam around. David Williams owns the chickens, which he purchased as a birthday gift for his 8-year-old son.

But rather than keep them cooped up, he lets them roam free. And these hens don’t like to stay local either. They’ve been known to roam up to five miles a day, starting off their adventures bright and early at 7:00 AM each morning.

Photo: Facebook / Jan Bristow

Williams explained to Cambridgeshire Live that while he initially tried to keep them confined to the yard, these chickens had other plans for how they were going to spend their days. And clearly, they’re living their best lives.

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As the chicken owner explained, “They started their wandering in the summer when the evenings were still light. But as the nights got darker, we were worried that people wouldn’t spot them if they were near a road or on a driveway.”

Photo: Facebook /Louise Reidy

That worry is what made the chicken owner start to mull over ideas to better protect his chickens. And that is when he came up with a very brilliant and equally adorable solution: high visibility jackets! These fashionable poultry are now kept safe so they can roam free to their hearts’ content. And they’re well known in their area as well. According to Cambridgeshire Live, one person even mentioned they enjoy seeing the chickens wandering around because it means they come into their garden and eat the snails.

Glad that these feathered members of the community are taking precautions when roaming about.

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