Chicken Tutus Will Make Your Birds The Fanciest Animals On The Farm

Any of us who have chickens realize how special they are. It is more than the fact they lay eggs, they are just awesome birds. If you want to show your chickens how special they are to you, it can be done in style with a chicken tutu.

Photo: Etsy / ThimbleWorksSTA

For those of you wondering why you would ever buy a tutu for a chicken, it’s obvious that you have never had a chicken in your life. Chickens are much more than a bird you find down on the farm, they are being spoiled by their owners in many ways, from luxury coops to turtlenecks.

Photo: Etsy / ThimbleWorksSTA

A number of turtlenecks are available, including a pink tutu found on Amazon.

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The Thimble Works Etsy shop offers more options. They are handmade and come in many colors, including rainbow, sherbert (pink, orange, and yellow), peacock (blue, purple, and green), and patriotic (red, white, and blue).

Photo: Etsy / ThimbleWorksSTA
Photo: Etsy / ThimbleWorksSTA

The tutus found on Etsy have tulle netting and black elastic, so they are quality pieces. They also come in 4 sizes, bantam, standard, large fowl, and turkey. Obviously, this is one company that doesn’t discriminate. Although these can be a great gift for the special bird in your life, you should not leave the birds unattended while they are wearing one.

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