Shirley Chicken (A Dog) And Stanley (A Tortoise) Are Two Opposites That Truly Attract!

This unlikely best friend duo has totally made my day! Meet Shirley Chicken (great name!) and Stanley. Both are rescues and both are super special. Shirley Chicken is a senior dog with tons of charm. Stanley is a senior tortoise that’s super handsome to boot! And these two go everywhere together. Seriously!

Shirley even slows down during walks so Stanley can walk beside her. They love to lounge together too and even share a doggy bed. Now when people say opposites attract, you can tell them all about this story. Don’t you just love these two? ME TOO!

Source: YouTube/b/60

Source: YouTube/b/60

Animal Fun Fact:

Many animals, especially dogs, are pack animals. They naturally thrive when in a “group situation.” A dog will often look to their human as the Alpha in the group.

Just like wolf packs, dogs have a chain of command too. African Wild Dogs live and hunt in packs. They are super unique in that the females will leave their pack when the pups are around two years of age to join other packs without females in them. The males, however, stay with their packs for life. So dad is always around. Like forever watching over you…could be great or not. Depends on how you look at it. LOL!

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