Seniors Knit Tiny Sweaters To Keep Chickens Warm And It’s Clucking Adorable!

A Boston area retirement home houses some seriously gifted seniors! Their knitting talents are going to a great cause: Knitting itty bitty sweaters to keep chickens warm.

The adorable idea came from a holiday craft sale that was held at Fuller Village senior facility in Milton, Massachussets. One of the attendees, Erica Max, the program director for nearby Wakefield Estates, an education center for kids that also houses two dozen chickens, thought this was the perfect solution to the chickens who were molting. When chickens molt, they can lose a significant amount of feathers and if the weather is cold, the chickens can really suffer.

“We got into a conversation about the chickens being cold because they were molting. When they molt, they lose their feathers, and end up being in serious peril if it gets really cold,” Max told The Dodo. “So, one thing led to another, and they volunteered to knit our chickens some sweaters.”

Even with a pattern found online, this project was a challenge. Wait, there’s a pattern for chicken sweaters online? LOL! Gotta love it. The seniors were determined to get the sweaters to fit perfectly. Especially for one tiny rooster named Prince Pete. He was the biggest challenge of all.

Now that the chickens are nice and cozy, they seem happier than ever and are even laying more eggs. Coincidence? Maybe, but at least we can say they do look mighty stylish!

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