Chickens Pose Like Supermodels In Stunning Photoshoot

Who knew that chickens could have such a glamorous side to them? Thanks to professional photographer Matteo Tranchellini, the Internet was introduced to some chicken supermodels. Tranchellini first gained an interest in chickens as a photography subject after he decided to get a Concincina as a pet.

While looking for a chicken to live in his studio garden in Milan, he became fascinated by chickens and their natural beauty – something that happened back in 2013 when he was invited to an aviary exhibition by Giorgio, a farmer. From there, his captivation with chickens goes.

Tranchellini then began to take pictures of chickens. He was joined by his friend, Moreno, on the photography endeavor. After taking a variety of different pictures, the two friends had amassed enough to publish an entire photo album dedicated to chickens.

While you may be thinking there isn’t much to chickens, there are apparently a lot of different varieties of chicken – each with their own special features. That is exactly what Tranchellini highlighted in his photography.

Check out some of them below:

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